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Going Green?
Companies are pursuing green initiatives to achieve social responsibility goals, demonstrate financial responsibility and risk mitigation, stay one step ahead of potential carbon regulations, provide a healthier, more productive work environment, and attract new employees who now consider environmental and social responsibility when evaluating potential employers. Occupying a green building is a step of significant impact, as buildings represent nearly 40% of carbon emissions in the United States. Consider three areas as you develop and implement a green strategy that fits your business: Green Globe
      •  Finding and leasing space in a green building
Designing and building out your space with sustainable processes & materials
Adopting and encouraging green practices in the workplace
Pieper Properties offers the following tools to help guide your leasing and build-out decisions, and help implement an effective sustainability program

Finding Green Office Space: Sample RFP Questions
Consider including these twenty questions in your RFP to help evaluate the sustainability of a building.
> Download (excel)

Finding Green Office Space: Green Building Scorecard
This scorecard helps you quickly evaluate a building's "greenness" based on the answers to the Sample RFP Questions. This scorecard can be part of your criteria for comparing and selecting buildings to consider for your new workspace.
> Download (excel)

Green Leasing
Practical, effective and mutually beneficial green lease language.
> Download (word)

Building a Better, Greener Workspace
Basic steps to incorporate sustainability into the build-out of your office space, including pursuing LEED-CI (Commercial Interiors) certification.
> Download (pdf)

Operating a Better, Greener Organization
Practical tips for implementing sustainable practices at your office and engaging employees in the initiatives.
> Download (pdf)

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